Friday, October 17, 2014

New Fiction Idea #55

Working Title: Tea from a Traveler

Genre: Steampunk

Protagonist: Lucy, a rather small young woman with a fondness for frilly things and dancing. She has a cheerful disposition whenever appropriate and has quite the knack for tea-brewing.

Other Main Characters: Hugh, Lucy's boyfriend for some months and one year her junior. He's a bit taller than her but rather thin, and he will occasionally draw attention because of his dark skin. He doesn't speak if it's not necessary, but he isn't perpetually serious. The engineering type, he finds joy in fixing things, literally or otherwise.
Cecelia, an easily excitable teenage girl who tends to run after every boy in sight. Her father, the owner of a large tea set-producing company, sort of assigned her to an apprenticeship with Lucy, but the girls get along well enough Cecelia doesn't mind much. She can hold her own in a fight.

Antagonist: Possibly none. Life. The past. Could be personified later in development.

Setting: Every nook and cranny of your typical steampunk England analogue.

Plot: Lucy and co. travel the world (at least, the portion easily accessible without resorting to ships or zeppelins) to serve tea to whomever they deem could use a cup. Although they tend to wander wherever, it seems that Lucy may be seeking out a particular person along the way...

Point of View: Third person, objective.


  1. Sounds very cute and whimsical! I like the idea of Lucy seemingly aimlessly wandering around, drifting here and there just to scatter joy into people's lives, while possibly secretly having a purpose underneath. I don't know why, it just sort of appeals to me. It's very poetic. *Shrugs*

    (Also, I'll try to get to reviewing ATDD tomorrow but I'm not sure I'll be able to.)

    1. It's also a great chance to sneak in some characters from other stories that may not see their time in the sun otherwise.

      I'm glad you like it!