Monday, August 25, 2014

New Fiction Idea #0

It occurred to me that I can link back to story profiles for just about everything but Along the Winding Road. Better late than never.

Working Title: Along the Winding Road

Genre: Post-Apocalyptic/Romance

Protagonist: Charlotte Heiman, a six-foot twenty-year-old who works as a zombie hunter for her village—more specifically, one of its restaurants. She's determined, optimistic, and a little flirty, and family is her highest priority.

Other Main Characters: Arthur Deering, an English twenty-four-year-old of Chinese descent. He is an excellent archer but isn't the best at social interaction, particularly after being in isolation for years.
(John) Dalton Tolbert, a very blonde twenty-four-year-old who fanboys over swords but does most of his fighting with a staff. He's energetic and social and prides himself on his wingman abilities.

Antagonists: Zombies and distance along with some other survivors.

Setting: Four years after the zombie apocalypse. Some zombies are still hanging around, but they're not so threatening anymore. Place-wise, it's across Texas, between Killeen and Hunt.

Plot: Charlotte sets out to find her younger brother Blake, who was away at camp when the zombies attacked. On the way, she has to contend with various enemies, but Arthur and Dalton are happy to help her along—particularly the former, who quickly develops a romantic interest in her.

Point of View: Third person, omniscient.


  1. As you said, better late than never! Honestly, I had no idea that you hadn't put this up yet - I thought it was the first thing you'd posted, though maybe that was for the FanFic version. I think I already knew most of this, except that Claus is called Blake here. (Or maybe I already knew that, but forgot.)

    1. Nope. All of the links have been to the fan fiction, which isn't that great an idea when I'm planning to delete it upon the original story's publication.

      Haha, well, hopefully you would know it from what you've read already.

    2. Wait, what? DDDDDD: How soon is this going to be? I'll need to print out the FanFiction version, then (as the stupid updates to the site don't let you copy and paste things).

    3. Well, I'm still waiting on the betas before my last major round of editing. I'm kind of itching to go, but it's better to hear more opinions than publish-publish something that isn't ready yet.