Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Puzzle Pieces, Laid Out

Most of my Fragments have yet to find a home—but a few of them have. Here, I've decided to compile all of the bullet points from my first five Fragments posts and mark off the ones that have gone somewhere. The rest? Well, they might have an easier time finding their partners with everything in one place.
  • An army mime (after seeing the words juxtaposed in a Scrabble solver)
  • Some sort of traditional epic fantasy
  • A family that possesses full-grown beards from birth that protect their owners (thanks to Caleb being weird after reading the surname "Beardsley")
  • A world with no bodies, only voices
  • A musical based on Journey songs
  • An overly-independent disabled person learning to rely on others sometimes
  • A modern day teen sucked into a fantasy world who insists on calling sprites "pixels"
  • A family where all of the children are named after different types of tea
  • A dark novel titled Thus Quoth the Raven
  • Something with two cats sitting atop a car in a neighbourhood and chatting whilst sipping tea (because my eyes took too long to figure out that was just a ladder wrapped in plastic blowing in the wind...)
  • Main characters called Lizzie and Ferd who are always at each other's throats
  • A fight scene on the outside of this building
  • Someone whose dream is to be a graphic T-shirt designer
  • A character named Jovial Munk (at my father's request)
  • Twin female telepaths, one who controls sugar and the other salt
  • Terrorist retirement (after my mother mishearing "terrace")
  • A manga about a foosball player
  • An excuse to use "mediastinum" (dedicated to Dr. Li)
  • Someone with the phone number 324-5873 (spells "failure")
  • Some modern fantasy version of the Song of Everlasting Sorrow
  • A man walks out to get his mail, sees a wasp, slaps it to the ground with the letters he just retrieved, stomps on it, and yells "SKILLS" before returning to the house (my father is cool sometimes)
  • A super-steampunk megalethoscope
  • Intelligent, demonic honeybees
  • A maestro who can command heartbeats by conducting
  • A character named Martha Bell who outlives her husband significantly (after seeing a couple's gravestone with the husband dying at about 40 in the 1930s and the wife with no end year inscribed)
  • A fighting gnome with an ice pick (how my mother described her earache)
  • A crack dictionary with fake definitions of the chemical elements (i.e. Manganese, n., the language spoken by otaku, or Boron, n., an idiot who can't even be interesting about it.)
  • Someone with a painfully Greek last name (Not quite, but I do have a painfully Greek first name or two)
  • "They can turn off my feelings like they're turning off the light" (line from a Phil Collins song)
  • A story based on example sentences in the dictionary on my computer
  • Characters who fly planes over tornadoes/hurricanes and drop bombs down the middle of them to disperse the circulation (my father's idea for a real-life thing)
  • Action girls that are personifications of thunder and lightning
  • Someone who brings optical illusions to life/reality
  • Personality traits as currency
  • A Hetalia SpaIre fic insisting that the Black Irish origin myth does have at least one grain (or one couple) of truth to it
  • A fan fiction for The Kill Order concerning the pair near the beginning with the boat
  • Someone with the ability to remember/know things the moment someone else forgets them
  • Hetalia-style personification of religions (although maybe with a higher proportion of serious scenes)
  • Personifications of languages (although likely discontinued)
  • Some novel in a Douglas Adams type of voice (if I should prove to be so capable)
  • An addictive pill that utilises stress hormones for weight loss purposes
  • A glove with a watch embedded in the palm
  • A world where fs = μsFs
  • The secret lives of instruments left in the band room between rehearsals
  • Fantasy with a romantic element, where the heroine chooses the ordinary human over the magical/whatever love interest
  • A fantasy with an African setting
  • A good, old post-nuclear apoc
  • A city whose residents do not age as long as they don't leave the borders—but if they leave, they'll immediately progress to their actual age, which at this point would turn many of them to dust
  • "Beaned up" as a drug euphemism
  • Two cooks (minor characters) who exchange witty banter at a restaurant the MC frequents (inspired by the omelette bar cooks where I have breakfast)
  • Someone who plays the oboe d'amore
  • Birnan, the very choleric (and fire-controlling) character from my old NaNoWriMo novel and the only one of the lot that I really enjoyed writing
  • Garjen, a character of mine who is quite cheerful and a bit psychopathic, and her main mode of attack is through bubbles that explode, have poison, etc. (she never really got to have her fun outside of a few RPs)
  • "She was forced to support herself not only by the pen, but as a secret agent." (Mac dictionary entry: pen)
  • A plot based on alarming fantasy racism
  • Mountain ranges/landscapes based on specific infrared absorption spectra (might have to be something visual)
  • A nutty professor and his adorable, long-suffering lab assistant (based on my Organic Chemistry Lab)


  1. That's a pretty good way to organize them. All the ones you've chosen to do are some of the most interesting, imho.

  2. And, aw, no more language buddies? :c

    1. Oh, maybe someday. It's just fallen by the wayside in the wake of my other projects, and it's not much of a priority.

    2. Yeah, I get what you mean, I push lots of projects to the side all the time. Still thought it was cute though! c: